Monday, July 2, 2012

Newborn Birth Photography - Palm Beach is proud to offer new born birth photography services in Palm Beach County and we can be available within 30 minutes of notice with prior commitment agreement. 

We have a small staff of female photographers that are mother's to perform the required photographic services of your child being born. We use quality Nikon camera equipment for all of our newborn photography services. You can have pictures of your child being born while you are in labor and giving birth. 

No harsh flash lighting is used to damage your newborn's eyes. We use only indirect lighting or the existing lighting in the room that is available for photographing your newborn baby.

Please contact Robert @ 561-964-5036 for pricing and to make the necessary arrangements. We must have written permission from the hospital or birth center to be able to perform our services.

We are also available for home births and with midwives.

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